How is a Relationship “Complicated” on Facebook…!!!

I love Facebook and admit I spend a lot of time on there.  It’s a personal space for me to talk with my friends and family. I’ve been noticing a lot of people have the “It’s Complicated” Facebook dating status.  It got me thinking; why does a relationship have to be complicated? Better yet, why in the world do you want to be in a relationship that is complicated?

When I see/hear it’s complicated I immediately think that individual is in some BS type of situation they clearly don’t need to be in or it wouldn’t be complicated. What kind of BS situation am I referring to? Well, let’s see. I’m thinking of one of the following:

Facebook-It's Complicated Status

  1. Someone is involved with an individual that is married. [Sugar-daddy, Sugar-mommy relationships]
  2. You’re dating someone who isn’t quite ready for a commitment, but you are and you’re your hanging on hoping they’ll change their mind.
  3. You got cheated on (or you did the cheating) and now your relationship is on shaky grounds.

Why do they hang on to these complicated relationships? Are they waiting for a love fairy to come down and magically un-complicate the situation for them?

We are in the New Year [2010], I propose to all those with these “It’s Complicated” Facebook dating status’; take a real hard look into what’s making their situation complicated and determine if this is a situation that is truly good for them and if it’s not; have enough balls to end it and move on.

I don’t know about you, but it’s my goal to live a life that is as uncomplicated as possible.

Who needs the added drama? I certainly don’t.

Do you?

2 thoughts on “How is a Relationship “Complicated” on Facebook…!!!

  1. nice post i personally believe if its messed up enough for you to set ur status to complicated then maybe take the leap altogether and change ur status to single .. ‘life is too short for anyone to be unhappy ‘.. 🙂

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