Facebook Bra Color Updates. Was it for Breast Cancer Awareness…?

Got home very, very late last night after staying back at work, re-designing a colleague’s blog but I was able to be up at my usual alarm time of 0600GMT. First thing that came to mind was, what actually brought about the issues of color as Facebook Status updates about two weeks ago. Hear my take on this…!

For those of you still left in the dark about this – about two weeks ago, my Facebook feed was quickly taken over with updates including only a “color” status updates. On twitter, most of my male friends were wondering “what is going on with these colors as status updates? (48 percent of the people I follow on twitter are males, who were not part of this stealth campaign).”

Blue Bra as Status Update on Facebook

Immediately, I decided to find out from one of my reliable sources of Social Media info about the root of this stealth campaign. Look what I found on Mashable: Sharing Your Bra Color Is the New 25 Things on Facebook. Somebody somewhere started a movement to get women to change their status to the color of their bras. I’m assuming, this is the message that most women received.

Just write the color of your brassiere in your status. Just the color and nothing else. And send this on to ONLY girls/ladies… NO MEN… It will be great to see if this will spread the wings of cancer awareness. It will be fun to see how long it takes before the guys/men will wonder why all the girls have a color in their status… Hahahaha

After my theoretical analysis, I realized this message had nothing to do with the Breast Cancer Awareness. I like the way it did kick-off one of the smartest online and social media campaigns to do with public health. If I’m not exaggerating, about 70% of women on Facebook changed their status updates during this period.

Whoever is behind this is a genius: She/he asked something simple (post a color). There were no entry barriers (every girl has a color to pick). It raises curiosity (men have no idea why suddenly women are changing their statuses to colors). It’s slightly controversial (because people will eventually wonder if there is a point and then debate the point).

So here’s my take on if there’s a point or not- there is. Many of those conversations will in turn lead to a discussion about breast cancer. By debating this seemingly trivial act, most people will bring up the fact that it is related to breast cancer but Breast Cancer Awareness month is way up in October. Why should this drive be at this time? What benefits did they derive from this campaign?

My question is; when are we MEN also going for such a campaign/drive? What cause would it be for? Share your views and thoughts here.

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One thought on “Facebook Bra Color Updates. Was it for Breast Cancer Awareness…?

  1. I have seen a post (apologies, did not mark the link) of one of the breast cancer portals stating that their click rate increased quite a lot during this campaign. As with many other social media project – it is difficult to measure all the direct results, however I dare to say it was a brilliant idea and simply by the fact it got to mainstream media managed to raise amount of discussion on the topic – and in case of tabu topics I think discussion is crucial as it does lead to actions.
    As for men – very valid point. I would love to see a ‘I do not wear a bra, but I wear smth else’ type of response to this one – done promptly could have worked really well. Pity it did not happen.

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