On my way from Copenhagen after attending the Climate Change Conference en-route to Accra, I made a stop-over at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam before continuing to Ghana.

Whiles waiting in a queue before boarding the next flight to Ghana, I bumped into this guy who was wearing a “Konvict SA” sweatshirt. He was wearing a T-shirt under which had the inscription, “” on it. I have been following this guy on twitter and was actually glad seeing him for the first time. Julz runs

I have been a great fan of Hip-Hop music and have quiet some albums from it’s most influential artists. Hip-Hop is everywhere and Ghana has been creating its own style. has a vast selection of Hip-Hop blends, Ghana Rap and Hip-Life – which is Ghana’s answer to R&B with influences from other regional styles.

GhanaMixtapes is an easy-to-use site with a free music player and reasonably-priced downloadable mixes. They include Ghanaian / Nigerian artists rapping in Twi, Ibo, Yoruba, Ewe, Ga and English. If you like American HipHop, you’ll definitely love these mixes and blends.

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