U.K.K.R – U Know it’s Krap Right?

Rodney Quarcoo (Ayigbeboy) Guest Blogs for Mac-Jordan :

Richie on the Cover of UKNR

First time I saw this on Facebook I thought, “this can not be his album cover!”, maybe it’s just some promo flyer or something –  I refuse to believe it! Jeeeez! [What is this?]

That was before I saw it hanging in the Silverbird Lifestyle store window last night at the Accra Mall!

As a photographer who is very much into contemporary music and as much as I do not like everything Lynx Entertainment puts out; I believe in their movement.  In the same, I am assuming; meticulous way they analyse their music during production, they need to be that particular about the way they package it for our consumption too!

On first look it is obvious our man Richie needs a stylist; let me break it down to you, before you think I am just being a bitch; [I don’t care even if you think, I am]

*** Let’s take the typography: there are 4 different fonts fighting to be noticed on the cover.  3 of them are in 2 logos, so we’ll excuse those, but the album title “U.K.N.R.” is a black typewriter type font with a red outer glow or something – I know the colour scheme is Red & Black (& maybe Silver?), but c’monnnnn!  How can the “graphic artist” place black text over a predominantly black coloured area?! [huh??]  The font is also too basic for the image, I’m assuming Richie is trying to portray.

*** Check out opana’s outfit!  He looks like a cross between Willy Wonka, a pimp and R. Kelly in his “Pied Piper” days!

*** First off…! If you’re going to wear a t-shirt with a graphic front; pose in such a way we can see what’s on the t-shirt. [Not that posture you have on there…]

*** In this case, do not wear it at all, your “pleather” checked jacket already has too much going on for the t-shirt to come fight a losing battle to try & get noticed. [He seems to be wearing this jacket since last year till date… Why?]

*** Is it just me or it looks like the jacket is a tad bit too small? [It’s not just only you, everyone noticed]  The cuffs are almost halfway up your forearms! [Get a Stylist, braaa]

*** Your choice of jewellery is just something else! [Is that a Copper or Gold chain?] Did you really have to wear all that?  I’m sure it would have been “OK” without them gloves.

*** As for the gloves, I shall not even go there! [In this hot Sub-Saharan African weather & gloves? Oooowwhoooo]

Anyway Richie, I hope you think my critique is justified?  If not, my bad.

Holler at me if you want to redo it, otherwise I’m offering to do Zigi, OJ Blaq or Asem’s cover FOR FREE!

It’s all love, get at me Lynx Entertainment!


NOTE: In case someone out there thinks I shouldn’t have written this, I’ll say, I am voicing an opinion, you do not have to accept it.  Please feel free to critique my work – that’s how I grow!


Reblog this post [with Zemanta]Disclaimer: All highlighted texts are by Mac-Jordan expressing his candid opinion. Gracias 🙂

4 thoughts on “U.K.K.R – U Know it’s Krap Right?

  1. omg this is hilarious.the jacket seems a little small and the gloves…lol i think we have our own new version of michael jackson in Ghana…anyways am not on about the dressing or his poster i think his music is “one-way” one beat…there are new things out there try something new…
    when his first debut with asem first came out(give me blow),no doubt it was a hit sweeping the dance floors in clubs all around us..from then everything kept going the same.You cant keep feeding an individual one type of food,no!!!
    better change up

  2. i think ur right Rod…i remember the zain party at c.k sometime last year…the club was so hot and Richie came in to perform in a leather jacket and gloves so the m.c from Namibia steps up to me and says “the dudes in a leather jacket in all this heat” and i’m like “yeah”…anyways he’s a good dude…just needs a stylist…don’t blame him for the artwork though…it’s not his fault…hey i need a stylist too…know any?

  3. I am rolling on my bed with laughter. This has been a very crazy week! Apparently we are all haters according to the lynx camp! A little constructive criticism don’t hurt any! If you can’t take it, don’t be on the entertainment scene.
    On another note, I couldn’t agree any less with the first comment by zouzou farhat. You took the words right out of my mouth.

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