Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum, Bonn – Germany

The Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum started yesterday with lots of discussion and talks from various idealists, Innovators, Climate Change Activists, Reporters and the media as a whole.

The theme for the three-day international event in the German city of Bonn is;

“The Heat Is On – Climate Change and the Media”.

Representatives from science, politics, business and the media discussed what the media can do to create awareness for one of the major challenges of our time; Climate Change.

Dir. Gen of Deutsche Welle; Erik Bettermann,

At the opening ceremony of the Forum, DW’s Director General; Erik Bettermann pointed out that the media’s role i;

“Chroniclers and interpreters of the fight against climate change”.

He also stated;

“I am convinced we need a climate change in the heads of journalists as well. Reporting needs to be about more than just the day’s news. It needs to drive people to action, while showing deficits, solutions and different perspectives.”

Mr. Erik Bettermann He also stressed that;

“Journalists need to tackle difficult issues with well-researched stories and show every individual that they can do something to help,”

He went on to say that the Internet, blogs and Twitter are the new platforms for the exchange of ideas and opinions – and more and more people are getting involved in the conversation. According to Mr. Bettermann; “The “climate generation” is growing, they think differently, go in new directions and are committed to implementing global projects on location.”

He also said the media must jump in and contribute as well. “They can create awareness for the unforeseeable consequences of climate change – for human beings and the environment. But they can also highlight the potential of moving towards green technology and ecologically friendly consumption and production. They can showcase creativity and innovation, new models of working and new fields of work – as well as a new quality of life.”

Bettermann said that in industrialized countries, the media – and thereby the general public – often don’t perceive developing countries as those making use of climate protection measures. But these countries also need to catch up in terms of economic growth and prosperity – something that we often take for granted.

Approximately 1,500 people from 95 countries are in Bonn, Germany participating in this third Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum.

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3 thoughts on “Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum, Bonn – Germany

  1. Nice blog you have. I love your informative and creative analysis of events and issues. Keep it up. I’m proud of you.

  2. What’s funny about Bettermann saying that “Twitter [is] the new platforms for the exchange of ideas” is that DW is currently working on a “pilot” to create a “workflow” for in-house Twitter posts. I kid you not.

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