Sex, Catastrophe, Climate Change?

“Sex, Catastrophe, Climate Change? How to get the attention of a media-sated public!”

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has warned of impending disaster if the world does not succeed in slowing global warming – something that will especially affect low-lying coastal areas. The disappointing outcome of the Copenhagen Conference and the discovery of errors in some of the IPCC reports have reduced public interest in and to some extent even belief in climate change.

Discussion between scientists, communication experts and journalists took place in the main Planery  Chamber of the World Conference Center, Bonn.

Lissa McMillan, Mathis Wackernagel, Margarete Pauls, Irene Quaile & Heiner Wember!

Amongst the panelists were; Keith Cunningham [Filmmaker, Screenwriter and Consultant]; Lissa McMillan [Executive Producer-Special Broadcasting Service (SBS)]; Margarete Pauls  [Head of Communications  – Helmholtz Association]; Mathis Wackernagel [President – Global Footprint Network] & Heiner Wember [Radio Features Producer]

What role do the media play in communicating these issues? How do we reach a society inundated by information and entertainment? Attention-grabbing headlines, catastrophe scenarios, and sexy pictures, short and snappy sound-bites – can they do justice to a serious issue like global warming and climate change?

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