Ghana Black Stars Meet Pres. Attah Mills

The gallant Black Stars of Ghana who earned a new nickname; BaGhana, BaGhana at the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa returned to their homeland; Accra, Ghana after their World Cup adventure andwere welcomed by thousands of supporters, who stayed deep into Monday’s night at the Accra airport to mark their heroes’ arrival.

Ghana Black Stars Meet Pres. Attah Mills

In my previous post; Africa’s Time That Never Was; I expressed my opinion and that of other African bloggers on the Ghana Black Stars sad exist from the 2nd round when they faced Uruguay which resulted in a penalty shoot-out after which the latter won.

It was an electrifying moment as fans went berserk, waving their flags and blasting their vuvuzelas, with local drums to welcome the team. A red carpet was laid for the team as they made their way from the aircraft, which touched down at 11:17pm on Monday evening.

A couple of senior government officials and sports personalities including the maestro; were on call to welcome them in a brief but memorable ceremony.

“You’ve really held high the flag of Ghana and the entire African continent; we warmly welcome you back home.” Deputy Sports Minister Nii Nortey Duah said.

The Stars Captain; Stephen Appiah said they are overwhelmed with the positive attitude of Ghanaians and assured them of greater heights to reach come Brazil 2014. He also stressed;

“We did our best but we did not have luck on our side. By any means possible we are going to qualify for the 2014 world cup in Brazil,”

On Tuesday 6th July, 2010; the players undertook a float through some principal streets of Accra before converging at the Osu Castle, seat of Government to meet with President John Evans Atta Mills for a lunch reception.

Below are photos by John Clusters from the Castle, Osu;

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