Kasahorow Fellowship 2011. Apply NOW…!!!


Fellowship Description
The Kasahorow Fellowship, now open for the first time to students across Africa provides a USD$500.00 award for the study, promotion and development of indigenous African languages.

Kasahorow Logo

The Fellowship can be applied to any project which uses written (African language) text. Examples include: writing a children’s book, developing localized software, starting an African language newspaper and anything to do with African Language Development.

Any student in a tertiary institution in Africa is eligible to apply. Applicants may be citizens of any country.

Time Frame:
Deadline for submissions: 16 January 2011. Announcement of winner: 16 February 2011

Application Link:
For full details and to apply online, visit http://www.kasahorow.org/fellowship

Sponsoring Organization:

Kasahorow Communication Group of Suuch Solutions.
The Kasahorow Communication Group is a public service arm of Suuch Solutions. Kasahorow was formed with the aim of reducing communication inefficiencies between traditional and modern Africa. Kasahorow pursues this goal by developing electronic African language processing aids, and publishing emerging technical standards for African language processing.

For more information please email: fellowship@kasahorow.org

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