Want Attention on Twitter? Read This….3 Ways To Get Attention On Twitter!


Did you just join Twitter recently? Are you following someone and not been followed back by that person/tweep? Are you getting any attention on Twitter at all? Kindly allow me to take you through the following three ways which would help you get the attention you deserve on twitter plus keep up with your tweets/tweeps.

Most of the people I hang out with will confirm; I’m very addicted to Twitter. Yes, I know I’m very addicted but it’s for a good cause. @Niyyie tweeted the below during barcamp-Accra last month;

“@Niyyie: @barcampaccra I often joke that Twitter was created exclusively for @MacJordan. The passion with which he tweets is something else. #bcaccra”

@njerimaina asked me soon after joining twitter a couple of weeks ago; “how can she get followers“? Answer: “follow others, retweet stuffs/data you find interesting and the followers will come.”

Below are 3 simple steps to achieve the follower-ships you desire.


Re-tweet means when someone re-tweets you, they are giving you the highest compliment you can get on Twitter by sharing your post or what you said with their own followers or contacts. Retweeting is a great way to add quality and value to your Twitter life. Retweeting help you educate your followers, build your personal brand, increase future traffic, and connect you to other bloggers / content creators in your niche.

Stick to these golden rule of Re-Tweets;

Re-tweet someone once, they will notice you. Re-tweet them a few times and they will remember and follow back.

Only Retweet Content You Find Truly Interesting and Relevant.

Retweeting Will Help You Build Relationships with the Original Posters.

Retweeting Will Benefit Your Personal Brand


You are able to Direct Message (DM) your followers you do follow. I know a lot of people with huge followers but they hardly follow them. That is very bad. If you are a blogger, you need to follow at least 80% of your followers. This way, you are able to DM them when they share your content/blog-posts on twitter.

Every 140-character nugget of wisdom you tweet will be fed to anyone who follows you on Twitter. So, if you tweet “Getting fufu and akranti3 for lunch today, who’s in?” your followers on twitter will instantly see the message in their Twitter feed, and anyone else that searches based on keywords like “lunch” or “fufu” might also uncover your tweet.

If you intend to go for fufu with your Bestie on twitter; instead of inviting/reply them openly, just send your friend a DM. You can also appreciate a new follower by sending a DM and acknowledging him/her.


There are a lot of influential people to follow on twitter but the mere fact is; there is also a lot of noise that makes these people hard to find. In my case; I created and follows a list. I’m very passionate and interested in Social Media, Mobile Technology, ICT4D and Traveling.

In other to receive a lot of data on these topics, I created and joined lists where I follow the conversation on those topics. You can also create a list by adding the influential people you want to read from. Below are the lists I follow and one I created for Passionate Africans

–          African Tech by @WhiteAfrican

–          Poptech 2009 by @PopTech

–          ICT Africa Twitters by @ICT_Works

–          Afro Global Culture by @Ophiona

–          Globally Minded People by @idajeng

I also came across this lists which is worth considering when following;

–          50+ Pro Logo Designers to Follow on Twitter

–          The Top 100 UK tech folk to follow on Twitter

–          50 Funny People You Should Be Following On Twitter

–          Top 50 PR Professionals You Should Be Following On Twitter

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