Nokia E7 Ready For West African Market April, 2011

I’ve always been a big fan of Nokia phones. As a matter of fact; my first phone I ever bought was a Nokia 1110 and later came the Nokia E71. In a previous review on; My Sleek Nokia E71; I actually described how I fell in love with Nokia’s innovations when it comes to manufacturing durable, sleek and portable phones that could do just anything any other smart-phone wasn’t doing.

Nokia is set to give its competitors in the making of smart-phones with the global launch of Nokia E7 a hard time. With its tilting 4 inch Clear Black display, full keyboard and a fast access to a wide variety of apps directly on the home-screen, the Nokia E7 is the key to having a successful day in or out of the office.

Importantly, the device supports business applications from leading enterprise technology partners including Microsoft and IBM. From all indications, the device would hit the West African market, first week in April at the very latest.

“People are continuing to look for solutions that suit both their work and personal life; in business circles this is known as the ‘consumerization’ of IT. The Nokia E7 gives people the confidence to bring their own smart-phones to the workplace to connect securely to corporate messaging servers,” said Spokesperson, Nokia.

“On the other hand, whether you are an artist, entrepreneur, university student or aspiring world traveler, the Nokia E7 is the only smart-phone you will need to get the world’s best mobile navigation and mapping application, thousands of apps, millions of music, and a rich messaging experience.”

For business users, Nokia E7 provides direct, secure and real-time access to email, calendar, contacts, tasks and the corporate directory through Microsoft Exchange servers, as well as Office Communicator Mobile, developed by Microsoft for Nokia smart-phones, which brings presence and corporate instant messaging.

The Sleek Nokia E7

Additionally, a wide range of entertainment and social services available on the Nokia E7 make it the perfect off-duty companion, and the Ovi Store offers a wealth of apps such as Bloomberg, Angry Birds and Sports Tracker.

The new arrival offers drive or walk navigation in 80 countries. The latest commercial version of Ovi Maps, available immediately via Ovi Store or Ovi Suite, adds visibility to subways, trams and trains, real-time traffic, safety alerts, visibility to parking and petrol stations, speed limit warnings, and improved search and location sharing capabilities.

The All New Nokia E7

Here are more reasons why the Nokia E7 is the all-in-one business smart-phone:

Easy access to private and business email

Create, edit and share office documents and view PDF files with Adobe Reader

Fast, secure intranet access with the built-in VPN

High-resolution photos and HD video with the 8 megapixel camera and dual LED flash

HDMI connectivity to project files, videos and images onto large screens

16 gigabytes of on-board flash memory

USB-On-The-Go, enabling easy file sharing by connecting USB a stick to the smart-phone.

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7 thoughts on “Nokia E7 Ready For West African Market April, 2011

  1. Great and interesting article. I’ve been hoping to get another Nokia phone since my E75 is almost worn out. I’m happy to hear about that E7. Where can I get some to buy in Ghana? Are there official Nokia Shops in Ghana?

  2. @Saraphine – Thanks for the nice comments and I do appreciate your time on my blog. Yes; Nokia have outlets in Accra and other major cities in West Africa where you get the Nokia E7 when is finally out in April. Cheers…

  3. No doubt Nokia is (or used) to be at the forefront in mobile innovation. This E7 device is a masterpiece…in terms of hardware. It also was probably aimed at RIM’s high end BB models.

    But personally, I don’t expect it to make any huge impact, given the fact that it ships with Symbian. By impact I mean in places like North America and Western Europe.

    Then again, I am strongly of the view that the days of such sleek devices being shipped with Symbian should be over. But in light of todays Nokia partnership with MS, I expect similar devices to be released with WP7.

    My judgement on this device is this: it’s a great piece of hardware, but personally (as a power mobile user), I find Symbian quite lacking relative to iOS and Android. I wouldn’t mind having one, but it probably will not be on my priority list, especially now that we know Symbian is virtually dead…

  4. This is the kind of article that will convince my mother to go in for a smartphone. The E7 has everything on the go for all users.

    sadly and unfortunately the Chinese have already put a knockoff on the market, which can deceive the eye.

    No doubt this is a phone for the Bold and Beautiful.

  5. Let me just add, Nokia has an opportunity here to restructure aimed at the emerging market that is Africa, what the markets are missing is the hype with iPhones etc is Western world orientated .

    With the myriad of apps which keep that market… buzzing we in Africa could not give a damn about 90% of the apps on the market as they are aimed at a Western Market with time and money to waste.

  6. And how much does it go for? I bet price will be one of the key considerations to look at when we want to talk of how easily this product will be adopted by the market.

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