About Mac-Jordan

Award winning Ghanaian Blogger, BarCamp Organizer, TEDx Fellow, World Traveler, Citizen Journalist, Social Media Freak & Geek with passion for Open Initiatives! This is the hub for my digital life. #Follow my madness!

I am a Ghanaian Social Blogger, Writer, IT Enthusiast and a Digital Activist.  My work and passion focuses on a range of issues related to Entrepreneurships, African Ingenuity, human rights and freedom of expression, with special emphasis on the Sub-Saharan African region.

I’m personally very interested in issues of gender, citizen journalism and social media.  As of April, 2010; I assumed the role of Regional Editor – Africa on Future Challenges Organization by the Bertelsmann Foundation in Gutersloh, Germany.

I’m an active author with Global Voices Online; where I aggregate & researches on feeds from citizen media from the Sub-Saharan Region. I’m also on the board of Ghana Blogging Group; (a vibrant community of bloggers with passion for Ghanaian contents).

I have written for numerous publications, including The CS Monitor, NY Times and Future Challenges Organization. I currently write for Global Voices Online. A selection of my published writing can be found here.

I regularly speak at conferences, workshops and seminars on topics I’m very passionate about.  In the past year, this has included TEDx Youth Inspire, BarCamp Ghana, Knight Digital Media Center @ UC Berkeley, California and others.  If you would like to invite me to speak, attend or be interviewed, you can e-mail me at macjordan.degadjor@gmail.com

Disclaimer: This is a personal blog.  The opinions expressed here represent my own and not and not those of Future Challenges Organization, Ghana Blogging, Global Voices Online, or any other organization with which I am affiliated.  Additionally, I am human, and therefore, my views are subject to change.

11 thoughts on “About Mac-Jordan

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  3. here’s to let you know am safe in Obama-land..just checked your site as promised,nice one there,keep it up bro..wud be in touch as and when,cheers!!

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