Global Work Party-10.10.10 in Sekondi/Takoradi

As part of activities marking the Global Work Party on 10.10.10; about 5000 events in 170 countries were coordinated by the climate activist group on October 10, 2010. More than 350 of these events were in Africa.

According to media statements, in the days surrounding the work party, U.S. President Barack Obama, Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed, and Illinois Governor Pat Quinn all committed to installing solar on their official residences.

Mexico City and Parisian Mayors committed to cut their city’s emissions 10% over the next year. Dozens of politicians, from US Senators to the President of the Timor-Leste Parliament joined rallies.

Ghana was not left out on this Global Work party celebration. A couple of activities took place in different parts of Ghana. I happened to find myself in Sekondi/Takoradi during the morning of the #101010 where the Mangrove Conversational Festival took place. & Mangrove Conservation Festival


The Mangrove Conservation Festival was organized by the Coastal Resources Center (CRC-Ghana) in collaboration with Crisis Action Solutions (CASOLS) and supported by Friends of the Nation (FoN) at the Essei Lagoon, Bakano in Sekondi.

The programme started at 6am with a clean-up of the mangroves amidst brass band music. There was a tree-planting exercise where 50 mangrove seedlings were planted. This exercise signifies a symbol of dedication to preserving the wetlands; an action towards climate change mitigation measures.

3 school clubs; Youth in Wetland Clubs (YWC) were formed by the NGO; Crisis Action Solutions (CASOLS) courtesy a small grant funding from Coastal Resources Center (CRC-Ghana). WYCs are being trained to serve as agents of change in their communities and to also serve as ambassadors for wetlands conservation. Sympolic Photography


There were poetry recitals from members of the newly formed YWC and a film show on Wetlands later in the day.

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BBC Africa Have Your Say in Takoradi…

I’ve been following the BBCAfricaHYS program for a while now. Even though I do occasionally participate on the show by sharing my ideas/comments on issues begin discussed, I never thought I would get the opportunity to meet the lively, energetic and nice folks behind the program.

BBC Africa Have Your Say team were traveling through West Africa from Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, Benin & Nigeria.  On Tuesday; June 01, 2010 the bus made a stop at Skyy Media House in Takoradi where a special Have Your Say session was held to discuss various topics amongst;

“Off-shore drilling is set to begin at the end of the year. Should Ghanaians have great expectations?” “Is it worth all the trouble drilling it?” “What should be done to make it of benefit to all? “How the Black Stars, will perform at the World Cup in South Africa?”

I was very privileged to appear on the show upon the invitation of the BBCAfricaHYS team.  Even though, the program started way early before I got there, I was allowed to share my 2Gp [two pesewas] on the issue of Oil discovery in Ghana. Another video interview was recorded after the show which would surely be aired after their road-trip is over.

Read my comments below:

“Our leaders should invest in some good Consultants to help craft a long term plan for this discovery. Power, Water, Transportation and Waste-management should be prioritized as soon as possible to support and be sustained by both Upstream and Downstream oil production.

There should be an urgent need for collaboration with the Regional Maritime University especially because our oil is deep into the ocean and every worker on the rig should be trained in the maritime safety. The other training institutions that need to be involved are University of Mines and Technology [UMat] and the Takoradi Polythenic [T’Poly]. Also the establishment of the Oil Fields Training Center in Takoradi is a step in the right direction, I think.

In my objection; the degree to which the average Ghanaian is denied participation in investing in his economy especially the oil industry is sad. Before the profits flow, let Ghanaians and African Diasporas be stakeholders too. Where is pan-Africanism when it comes wealth building? Above all, there are very qualified African engineers to operate oil business for our collective benefit.

Before I finally conclude, there are over 16 by-products that could be obtained from the distillation and bye-processing of crude into refined oil. These include lubrication oil, crayons for schools, paraffin, wax, asphalt, industrial fuel oil, heating oil, diesel, Kerosene, jet fuel, gasoline or petrol among others and Ghana’s own innovation the premix for fuel. We could use all the by-products especially asphalt (bitumen) exclusively to build our roads into a top-notch roads network irrespective of where one lives invariably to every nook and cranny.”

In a pose w/ @BBCAfricaHYS Crew; Alex, Alice & Mariam.

I’m very thankful for the opportunity and meeting the crew behind the twitter account; BBCAfricaHYS. The bus continued to Cape Coast and later to Accra where another session was held on Africa’s electricity woes at the Surgeons and Pharmacists Hall. A couple of Ghana Bloggers; Kajsa Hallberg-Adu, Golda Addo & E.K. Bensah were also featured on it.

#DearFutureWife Trending…

Whiles sited on the rear-seat of the rickety-newly-painted State Transport [STC] coach from Accra-to-Takoradi yesterday, I kept reading funny and silly tweets from around twitterdom [twitter world] on the trending topics; #DearFutureWife & #DearFutureHusband.

#DearFutureWife Trend

In my opinion, I saw those trending topics as;

Single men and women  expressing their unrealistic expectations to their future, imaginary mates.”

I decided to participate in the fun, though silly as someone tweeted in response. I’ve set a few expectations for a “future wife” and I felt it’s very necessary she and all prospectives know about them a few years in advance. Somebody may ask; “What if she’s not on twitter?

Well, I’m not cyber dating/hunting for a prospective wife but when the need be, why not?

One of my tweets reads;

#dearfuturewife ; Sincerely tweeting, dont worry about changing; For I loved u the very moment I saw you. Have I found one yet? #Justsaying

I found it very challenging when people started tweeting about useless stuffs but I still kept mine on a positive note. I felt like tweeting about my desire for Smirnoff Lemon Vodka;

#DearFutureWife : Don’t complain when I’m sitting all by myself w/ a full bottle of #Smirnoff Lemon Vodka pondering over an action!

Before this post, I read from Divine Expression’s blog about how disheartened she’s about marriage and couldn’t work up the effort to truly participate in the trend.

I decided to call it a day by tweeting my last #dearfuturewife tweet;

Last #dearfuturewife tweet : I will be sure to support anything you want to do but don’t EVER piss on my dream. Got, that 🙂

You can read interesting posts and more from the Ghana Blogging Group, a Ghanaian blogging evolution creating awareness about citizen journalism…!

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